Shoot faster w/ Adblock

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RednYellow#2-Shoot faster w/ Adblock

When you are fighting in a battle, especially doing clutches.
The less thing you wanna have is everything that gonna slow you down.
For example, this nice-looking, informative pop-up bar

This pop-up bar will slow you down from quickly consuming goods and gifts
because you will need one more click to get rid of it.

So how do you get rid of it exactly,
You may have heard that Adblock will do the job
And I am here to show you what the steps are.


#1 Have a browser(Google Chrome) that supports extensions

#2 Go to store and download Adblock
Original Adblock and Adblock Plus both work.
Here I am using Adblock Plus.

#3 Click on the ABP icon at the right of your address bar

#4 Click “Block an Element” Or “Block an add on this page”(If you are using Original Adblock)

#5 Click on the whole box and click yes

#6 Now you have block the pop-up box but you still need to block the grey blur over-layer.

#7 Same as the previous step, this time select the whole page and click yes

# Now you are good to be a pro fighter

Shortcut: (Not sure for AB but ABP works)
#1 Go setting

#2 Go customize

#3 Click text editing and paste the following codes



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